Applying human rights to food animal bodies: A problem of perspective?

A few weeks ago, I received this Facebook message from a good friend of mine: “I saw a video about dairy industries, I knew [about] most things, but they are horrible… I sent it to you just if you want to talk about some of them some time… you are the person who know[s] moreContinue reading “Applying human rights to food animal bodies: A problem of perspective?”

Milk Mustache Misconceptions

Satire can be a fun way to express the contradictions, controversies, and disturbing intricacies of our political culture.  I consider myself to be fan of satire, and The Simpsons one among my favorite cartoons poking fun at contemporary issues.  However, their most recent episode “Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdles” (aired 1/10/2016) left me uneasy.  Based looselyContinue reading “Milk Mustache Misconceptions”

Pondering New Years Pork

“Sauerkraut un Schpeck dreibt alle Sarje weck.” Sauerkraut and pork drive all cares away. – Folk Saying, Sauerkraut Yankees, William Woys Weaver, p 147 (2002) Ringing in the New Year holds different meaning for people around the world.  It is also accompanied by different traditions and rituals.  In Pennsylvania German culture, New Years Day is celebratedContinue reading “Pondering New Years Pork”