Other Projects

COVID Case Files – North Carolina State University

For the NCSU Honors Program, I led a course focused on the medical humanities during the COVID-19 pandemic. The class concluded with an exhibition, featuring various reflections on the historical, sociological, and scientific intricacies of simultaneously living through and learning from a health crisis.

Teaching Global Agriculture/through Agriculture

Teaching a semester-long course on global agriculture is a daunting task. After consulting with colleagues, it is clear that framing a global agriculture course can take various different approaches. As a mediation on these possibilities, at NCSU, students in my global ag course completed an impressive class website focused on domesticated “Centers of Origin.” The upcoming Teaching through Agriculture series, co-edited with David Vail, is a project that grows out of theses problems and promise that come with this vast and important educational topic.

Sample Assignment from Global Agriculture/History of Agriculture, by Andrew Whitley (HI340, Spring 2021).

Dances with Bulls: Cattle Photography Database

A project-in-progress, Dances with Bulls will be a forum for formal studio photographs and recorded audio from cattle photographers collected in the field. This project will be a mediation on the methodological intersection of art history, anthropology, and the history of science and capitalism.

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