Writing about Gigi

Producing an animal history is a tricky endeavor.  It is sometimes very difficult to find animals in historical archives – and if they are there they are often left anonymous and passive.  Animals only make the archive when they are written about by humans, and as someone interested in producing a history of animals I often … Continue reading Writing about Gigi

Vegan Dogs

Dogs have been the ultimate animal companion to humans for thousands of years.  Dogs are said to be the first animal domesticated by humans, well before cows, goats, or sheep.  Anthropologists argue that dogs were used by early hunter-gatherers, with the divergence of “dogs” from “wolves” thought to occur sometime around 35,000 years ago.  The … Continue reading Vegan Dogs

Defining Natural

Public comment dockets have become an interesting space for policy makers and the public to engage in conversations with one another about various issues in public health.  The ever-developing internet has allowed dockets to take on a life of their own – public comments submitted in almost a blog post format for perusal.   If you … Continue reading Defining Natural